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Mozilla unveils Firefox Web Apps Project

Web apps are no longer websites packaged in a different material, they’re objects that can be grabbed with the click of a mouse and rearranged. They can handle my credit card information and keep it out of the prying hands of random merchants. They can lie in wait until the right moment and then interact with third party sites and help to share information in ways that the sites themselves may be incapable of.

Amplify’d from mozillalabs.com
Mozilla’s Web Application project. Web Apps are applications that run on any device, and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer. This release contains stable APIs, developer utilities and documentation to help you get a jumpstart on building Web Apps and stores.

Developers can use this release to publish their application to users, or to create a Web App store or directory. Users can review a gallery of user experience ideas and beta-quality versions of Firefox and Chrome add-ons that integrate the Web App experience more tightly with the browser.

Ready. Set. Build!

Head on over to the Mozilla Developer Network to understand how to:

  1. Build a Web App
  2. Describe your Web App using the stable manifest description
  3. Use our stable JavaScript APIs to let your Web App interact with the browser

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, we plan to pursue several new ideas, including:

  • A deeply integrated “in browser” experience that spans the entire find, install, launch, use and manage flow.
  • Syncing your Web Apps to your mobile devices.
  • Supporting native browser controls and OS integration.
  • Support for widgets and notifications to make your Web Apps more lively.
  • and many more.

Read more at mozillalabs.com



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