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Intel previews next Itanium mainframe chip

Poulson is the latest step in that process, and will be the foundation for the next few years of Itanium innovation, McInerney said. The chip will have 3.1 billion transistors (Tukwila has 2 billion), will have eight cores, will offer 54MB of on-die memory and will be pin compatible with the four-core Itanium 9300, he said.

It also will be built on Intel’s 32-nanometer manufacturing process. Tukwila is a 65-nm chip.

“We’re certainly putting together a design [with Poulson] that will carry us through this decade,” McInerney said.

Amplify’d from www.zdnet.com

The next Itanium will be designed to take advantage of advances in the Xeon processor architecture. The two chips will also be pin compatible. Itanium is targeted at the Unix and mainframe markets. Xeons handle Windows, Solaris and Linux machines.

Among the key highlights from Poulson:

  • Eight cores;
  • 54MB on die memory;
  • Improvements to mainframe reliability;
  • Bandwidth improvements;
  • Compatible with the previous version of Itanium chips;
  • 32 nanometer process technology.

See more at www.zdnet.com



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