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Who Came Out On Top At CES? Motorola

My favorite gadget was the Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock, and laptop dock phone. If you are specifically looking at tablets, The Motorola Xoom took the show. The Xoom is the tablet everyone’s been waiting for that runs on Android 3.0 (AKA “Honeycomb”) and ran away with the “Best of CES” award. Coming in a relatively close second place was the BlackBerry Playbook (which I really like), followed by the Samsung GalaxyTab (my alternative)

Amplify’d from www.readwriteweb.com

Social media monitoring service RowFeeder kept track of a number of different brands over the last several months and then compared daily averages to mentions during CES. According to the company, there was at least one clear leader when it came to the next generation of tablets, while the battle was a little tighter when it came to phones.

According to the stats, which keep track of brand mentions on both Twitter and Facebook, Motorola came away with the prize when it comes to CES, increasing its presence by a whopping 250%.


When it comes to smartphones, the field seems a bit tighter. Take a look:


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    Thanks your sharing , I found this format video: H.264 Codec, Size: 1280*754 up to 720p, Bitrate: 1500kbps

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