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The Future of Windows Isn’t Just PCs Anymore – ARM processors

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Amplify’d from gizmodo.com

The Future of Windows Isn't Just PCs AnymoreThe next version of Windows is going to run on ARM processors—the same kind of chips that’s inside a bajillion smartphones and tablets right now. Which means the future of Windows isn’t just PCs anymore.

The Future of Windows Isn't Just PCs Anymore

What does this mean?

Well, most simply, it means the full Windows shebang you know and love (or loathe) from your PC can now natively run on tinier computers that use way less power—specifically ones using ARM chips that are common in smartphones right now. Think tablets. And other wacky, smaller form factors. But you know, with all-day battery life, thanks to these ARM chips.

The Future of Windows Isn't Just PCs Anymore

Microsoft showed how this new Windows, running on an ARM chip that you might find inside a cutting edge Android tablet can slice and dice full HD video, run Powerpoint and do fancy graphics tricks in Internet Explorer with no problem. Microsoft even said it’ll have full DirectX powers for games. Basically, everything you’d expect to do in Windows. ‘Cause it is Windows. But now in lots more places.

So all of my Windows apps will just work on this new, mobiler Windows?

And to get those running, Microsoft won’t be using “virtualization or something like that,” since the low-power ARM chips aren’t really suited for that kind of work. Microsoft’s own demo apps, like Office, have been recompiled to run on ARM. Which means either Microsoft has another trick up its sleeve (hopefully) to run current x86-compatible programs on this new, ARMier Windows, or it’s not going to happen, so you’ll have to get new version of programs. Another point is that devices won’t just work either—-manufacturers are gonna have to write new drivers for ’em.

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