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Making the Case for E-Commerce (i.e., Amazon) in 2011

The big difference with these trends in 2010 vs. e-commerce in the mid-90s, she said, is adoption: “Consumers are adopting stuff and actually using it.”

“Being the largest e-commerce company is an obvious barrier to entry, but there are at least two opportunities in 2011 that will drive even more traffic to its site and others: Social and mobile. ”

Amazon has one really big thing going for it that others don’t: Its size.

In 2010, J.P. Morgan found that nearly 8 percent of Amazon’s traffic was coming from Facebook, compared to 20 percent coming from Google, and that e-commerce revenues are expected to grow by 13.2 percent in 2011.

Here’s how J.P. Morgan makes the case for the future of e-commerce:

–U.S. e-commerce revenues totaled $28 billion in 2000, soaring to $166 billion in 2010. Revenues are expected to grow by 13.2 percent in the U.S. this year alone.

–In 2010, 36 percent of people said they bought something online at least once a month. Slightly less, or 32 percent of people, said they purchased one to two items online a month. However, less than 2 percent of folks bought more than 10 items a month.

–Traffic to Amazon’s sites is increasingly coming from Facebook, jumping 328 percent over the past year to almost 8 percent. That compares to almost 20 percent of referrals coming from Google.

–Facebook is driving less traffic to eBay than to Amazon, or roughly 4.7 percent, compared to 11.4 percent from Google.

–E-Commerce 2011 Top Picks: Amazon, Priceline and Latin American e-commerce provider MercadoLibre.

Read more at emoney.allthingsd.com


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