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Is Good the Enemy of Great in Web Design?

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The popular phrase “good is the enemy of great” echoes a cautionary advice for the inspired and hopeful. The phrase means settling for acceptable or “good enough” results will prevent you from achieving greatness.

This advice, by logic, does stand to be true–allowing our second best effort so that we can just get the job done by the end of the day will always leave us short of our true potential as web designers.

Defining Greatness

Defining Greatness

Experienced designers know that perfection frequently falls beyond a deadline, and that getting there is often impossible when we are trying to reconcile many other aspects of being a web designer, like staying within a project’s budget, communicating with bosses and clients, managing our junior staff, dealing with personal issues that might be affecting our productivity, and so on. When projects have deadlines and limits in resources, a great web project can quickly turn into a good enough web project because good is, well, good enough.

The Mentality of Being Great

The Mentality of Being Great

Sometimes things are just not as complicated and hard as we would hope them to be, so we’re left with no excuse not to pursue them. It’s easy to think that some people are born with better abilities, so we can justify to ourselves that there’s no use in putting the effort and making sacrifices to becoming better.

Greatness Is in Opportunities

Some people may argue that boredom is the root of evil when it comes to the lack of opportunity. I believe the real troublemaker here is fear. Web design isn’t exactly the most terrifying job on the planet, but our fears can still get the better of us. For a lot of designers who find themselves stagnant in the good enough area, the problem may be a fear of breaking out into something new and something outside of their comfort zone.

Greatness Is in Opportunities

When Greatness Strikes

When Greatness Strikes

As a web designer, you should embrace every opportunity you have to try a new technique that may be a better approach to the way you’re currently doing things. Experiment with a new web layout structure you’re not comfortable with, or a color scheme that you’ve traditionally been avoiding. We all need to take a measure of when we can get away with pushing forward and taking risks. We need to do this today, because tomorrow might just be another day where good is good enough.

Is Good the Real Enemy?

Your Turn

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