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A Google Like Button: Adsense for Social Network Sharers?

Amplify’d from www.seobythesea.com

A Google patent application published last week describes how Google might enable visitors to websites to share information that they’ve found with others on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. In some ways, it seems like a response to the Facebook Like Button.

An overview of the sharing process from Google, which shows how information from third party websites might be shared on social sites

The method can further include persistently storing by the server system the created first promotional information in a repository of promotional information, wherein the repository stores promotional information associated with a plurality of third-party websites for display to users of a plurality of social networks.

So, while an ecommerce site might share information about products that they have for sale, a news or media site might show news instead.

One of the areas where Google’s implementation of this feature may differ from what Facebook appears to be doing at this point, is an advertising aspect. Google points to the “word of mouth” benefit of this type of sharing, to potential users of the system:

Since “word of mouth” advertising is among the most effective forms of advertising, third-party websites may value promotional information created by the promotional information server greater than other forms of advertising.

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