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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Smarter Than You Think

Amplify’d from projects.nytimes.com

The category is artificial intelligence. This question-answering computer system is ready to challenge some flesh-and-blood “Jeopardy!” champions.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

After years of effort to coax empathy from machines, robots and devices designed to soothe, support and keep us company are venturing out of the laboratory.

Part V

Computer scientists are developing machines that can teach people simple skills, like household tasks and vocabulary.

Mobile robots have been used for years by the military and law enforcement, but with falling costs, the next frontiers are the office, the hospital and the home.

Part VI
Part VII

A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University is fine-tuning a computer system that is trying to master semantics by learning more like a human.


A series examining the recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics and their potential impact on society.

Read more at projects.nytimes.com



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