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Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism

Amplify’d from measuringmeasures.com
The iPad has been dubbed a revolutionary device and the journalism industry has raced to embrace it.  But their embrace is more of a desperate final grasp at the past.
The rush to save the branded channel: RSS all over again
Nobody gets their content from only one source; this is the Internet.  Nobody is going to pick their favorite newspaper or magazine and just stick to their app.  The New York Times was founded in 1851, maybe it was cool just to get a newspaper.  This is not 1851.

The dominant media models
Major news portals like Google News and Yahoo News are a similar size to major news brands like NYT and CNN;  with the major portals and the major brands both in the range of 50-100+ Million global users.  But they don’t deliver much traffic for news sites.  In fact Since most non-direct traffic for news now is coming from search, Facebook turns out to be the largest subscription source of news content on the Internet.
What do users really want?
The value of relevance is no surprise.  The Internet democratizes and distributes.  It makes a mess first, products at a higher level of abstraction help you navigate the mess.  We’ve seen this with search and the importance of Google.  This is why the news organizations of old are not the ones to solve the problem, and hence, not the ones to build the user facing products for the next generation of news.
Rethinking the business model
The dominant models of search and social for discovery seem to point to the need for syndication above the need for subscription to branded channels.  The syndication model in turn requires additional focus on relevance.  this, together with the new needs for social and design, again points to the need for media companies to refocus their efforts on their core competency; journalism.

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