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How You Know When It’s Time to Switch to Linux

Linux has made decreased the gap with Windows significantly in the last few years, especially as far as hardware compatibility goes. I’ve switched my personal laptop exclusively to Linux. It came with Vista, I tried the Windows 7-RC, but had fewer hardware issues with Linux than Windows. I’m participating in the pilot program for the ChromeOS notebook (using it now), and I see the potential here for weaning many people off of Windows, especially for home users. How many home users actually need features of Microsoft Office that Google Docs does not support? ~ RobHorton

Amplify’d from www.pcworld.com

The majority of the computing world “grows up” on Windows, of course, since Microsoft’s operating system still holds by far the largest share of the market. Not everyone stays there, however.

Growing numbers, in fact, are switching to Linux every day, and for good reasons. How do you know when it’s time to switch to Linux? Here are just a few (mostly) serious signs.

1. You’re Tired of Paying for Software
2. You’re Tired of Upgrading Hardware
3. You’re Tired of Malware
4. You’ve Seen One Too Many Patch Tuesdays
5. You Don’t Have the Time
6. You Like Speed
7. You Like Sharing
8. You Don’t Actually Love Internet Explorer
9. You Want to Be in Control
10. You’re One of a Kind

See more at www.pcworld.com



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