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How to Maintain Your Personal Brand as a Corporate Employee

Great post. Put in the larger context of corporate brand and reputation management, these points help make the case for another category of employee ambassadors – those that are seen as thought-leaders within smaller influencers groups. Any employee ambassador program can add another dimension by identifying and cultivating a few individual thought-leaders to help carry brand affinity farther into specific industry areas. ~ Brad Mays

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Fronteers2 in How to Maintain Your Personal Brand as a Corporate Employee

A strong personal brand is beneficial on many levels. At the core it differentiates the designer, developer, marketer, etc, from the rest of the pack within crowded disciplines. It functions as a self-promotion agent that works for the practitioner 24/7/365 ultimately ensuring this person becomes a magnet for new and interesting work opportunities.

Overcoming these hurdles

The challenges may seem risky but there are some specific ways to mitigate these risks. By following the guidelines featured below, you will be able to convince your employer to not feel insecure or threatened about you strengthening your personal brand and encourage you to participate in public events.

Make your employer the star

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